How to Hang a Wall Lamp No Drill

wall lamp no drill

The right lighting can set the mood of a room and is an essential part of any home design. While hanging lights on a concrete wall is sometimes challenging, there are ways to achieve a professional-looking look without drilling into the walls.

One option is to use a wall sconce that can be mounted without drilling into the wall. These are plug-in wall sconces that attach to the ceiling with a switch and have a battery-powered light inside of the sconce. This allows you to install them on a drywall or plaster wall without needing to drill into it.

Another way to hang a wall lamp without drilling is to use an adhesive hook on the wall. This is a simple solution that lets you wrap the wires of your lamp around the hook, and then hang the light on the wall from underneath. It’s especially helpful if you want to install your lamp on a smooth, non-brick wall.

Adhesive hooks are available in different sizes, so you can find the right size to suit your needs. The larger the hook, the more space you’ll have to wrap the light’s wire around it. If your lamp is large, you’ll want to invest in heavy-duty adhesive hooks to hold the weight.

Command strips are another great way to mount a wall feature without putting holes into your walls. These are a type of adhesive strip that can be attached to the wall, and then you can attach another command strip on which to place your wall feature. This works by creating a strong bond between the wall and your features, and it’s also easy to remove from the wall when you want to change the feature.

If you’re using a wall sconce and don’t have a wire to connect it to your power source, you can also attach an adhesive hook to the back of the sconce. This can help keep your sconce from falling off the wall while you’re working on it, and it also makes it easier to move your lamp to another spot on the wall for cleaning.

For those who want a more permanent solution, you can also purchase a floor lamp. These can be a great option for rental apartments, as they’re portable and don’t require any electrical wiring.

You can also install a ceiling light without drilling into the wall, which is an excellent choice for many homeowners. These are often made with energy-efficient LED bulbs, which can save you money on your electricity bill.